The first syndicate investing platform

For the first time with Pariter Equity, you can invest into innovation and manage it as an asset class.

Here’s how we do it:

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  2. Verify your email

  3. Waiting to be accredited as investor. We’ll verify your profile and contact you to request further information

  4. Navigate the open deals

  5. Propose a deal as lead investor

  6. Invest!

  7. Monitor and interact

We funded Pariter Equity for investors like us that experienced the limits of the traditional investment model in tech companies.

In Pariter Equity we are first of all investors and we have experienced the limits of existing investment models the market offers today. In our everyday work we did not find a tool that would allow us to evaluate interesting companies, manage the investment and monitor our portfolio position over time, but above all a tool that would allow the structuring of investments syndicated with our network of investors. From this deficiency we decided to build a platform that would be first and foremost useful and functional for us to invest and manage innovation as a real asset. This platform is called Pariter Equity and today we have decided to make it accessible to all investors who want to share and co-invest in Syndication and go beyond the limits of current investment models.

With Pariter Equity we offer to people the chance to co-invest in outstanding companies and manage innovation as an asset class.

What’s Syndicate Investing?

A syndicate is an investment vehicle (SRL) that allows investors (backers) to co-invest with relevant and reputable investors (Syndicate leads) in the best startups in the market. Syndicates offer great benefits for both parties investors and startups:


  • Access better deal-flow by having access to investment opportunities they might not be able to find by themselves.
  • Transparent negotiation process
  • Less risk exposure by investing a low-single ticket sum in more deals
  • Aligned interest with the syndicate leader and the syndicate platforms
  • Less paperwork than if they were investing on their own


  • Access to higher sums of capital per round
  • Not having to deal with numerous and different investors, but just the syndicate lead (=Vehicle Representative)
  • Syndicate lead take advantage of the fundraising process and is responsible for managing the relationship with investors
  • There’s only one investor in the startup’s cap table as the investment is done through a vehicle represented by the syndicate lead

Why invest on Pariter Equity

Benefits for our investors and syndicate lead.


Investing through a mechanism that aligns interests (promoter/investor).


Access to exclusive deals and invest in companies with high potential where it would be impossible to invest outside of Pariter Equity.

Alternative assets

Investing in alternative assets in Italy with a substantial innovative (technological + business) edge, thus differentiating its portfolio strategy.


Getting in touch with other investors with whom to connect, thus expanding one's professional network.

Tax benefit

By investing into Syndicates - special purpose vehicles companies - user access 30% tax benefit

Syndicate creation

As a lead Investor you can create your own syndicate, aggregate your investor network and access professionally the upside economics generating from it (fee + carry).